The Gotcha Strap range are a versatile, non-stretch, hook and loop fastening system, which can be attached and in use in seconds.

Gotcha Strap 20cm

Gotcha Strap 50cmGotcha Strap 5cm x 50cmGotcha Strap 5cm x 75cmGotcha Strap 5cm x 2m

Fantastic for using on the Motorbike, for fishing, camping or hiking, or even around the shed and home it eliminates the need for the occy strap or the ratchet strap type tie down systems.

They are ideal as they won't 'let go' or fray and they don't have any metal or sharp edges that could scratch the paintwork.

We recently used one on the back of a ute during the hay harvest season, where I was doing a bit of contract work taking core samples from the hay bales. The strap was used over 6-8 weeks and taken on and off over 40 - 60 times a day. It is still in perfect condition (albeit a little dustier) but hasn't lost any of it's gripping capacity at all. Gotcha Strap ute

They come in either 2.5cm or 5cm width and there is a great range of different lengths available and you will find the right one every time for every occasion.

We stock them in great value bulk packs from 20cm up to 2 metres in length.

Some great places to use the Gotcha Straps

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