Motocrow waterproof travel bags

The Motocrow range of waterproof bags have been designed to be strapped together to make it easy to carry and with plenty of tie down points you can make them nice and secure when travelling either in the back of the ute or trailer or on your motorcycle. Even though the bags have been designed with motorbike travel in mind they can be used anywhere you need to keep your gear dry and dust free.

Waterproof Barrel Travel Bag

Motocrow Barrel Travel Bag The smaller bag is a 22ltr roll top barrel bag with a side handle and a good set of tie down points.
The extra straps that come with the small bag can be used as tie downs or to turn the bag into a backpack.
This makes it so much easier if you have quite a bit of luggage to move around.


 Waterproof Duffel Travel Bag

48 Litre Motocrow Duffel BagThe larger bag is a 48ltr roll top duffel bag with a large opening that has a hook and loop fastening system which keeps thing secure inside. It also includes side straps to help keep the bag tight and secure

The roll top is held shut with adjustable side straps and the 2 compression straps on the top help hold your gear in place.

 Both bags come with an extra piece of material stitched in which can be used as a patch in the unlikely event you punch a hole in the bag.

The bags can be purchased individually or we do offer a great Combo deal for those looking for both bags


 Jason from SA (April 17)

Have just done a trip with the motocrow bags and chair through the great ocean road awesome gear fitted every thing I needed for 6 days cheers to Daryl for the gear

 Motocrow Travel Bags Jason






 Mick from  NSW (Dec 16)

Tested the Motocrow bag on a 1500km ride and I have to say I am very happy with the quality, practicality and price! The Gotcha straps were awesome too, kept everything in place even on the roughest of tracks. Cheers. 

Motocrow Travel Bags Mick