spun steel camp ovensWe stock a great range of spun steel products made right here in South Australia.

The spun steel products are not as heavy as the cast iron camp ovens and will take bit more of a beating when travelling and camping. They also won't crack like a cast iron camp oven if dropped accidentally.

They will heat up a bit quicker than the cast iron ones and could be a little tricky to cook in for the first couple of times, but like anything the more you use it the better and more experienced you get.

You can use your spun steel products anywhere. We use ours inside in the oven; under the hooded BBQ and on the coals in an open fire



TrivetThe camp oven trivets come in 2 sizes to suit 4.5 quart or 19cm & 9 quart or 24.5 cm.
Using a trivet prevents food from sticking/burning on the base of the camp oven and are great for a roast chook or leg of lamb.







Bedourie ovenThe Dr Livingstone’s Bedourie camp ovens come in 2 sizes 10 & 12 inch.
The lids on the Bedourie can be used as a frying pan and the base as a pot or together as a camp oven.
Tthe Bedourie is about 11cm deep and comes with an instruction video.
We’ve had a 10inch Bedourie for 20 odd years and it’s still going strong.






camp oven The Dr Livingstone’s Aussie Camp Oven also comes in 2 sizes 10 & 12 inch.
Like the Bedourie the lid can be used as a frying pan.
The Aussie Camp Oven is a bit deeper than the Bedourie, 10 inch is 15cm & the 12 is about 16.5 deep and both the 10 & 12 inch come with a Trivet and instruction video.






oyster wheelThe Oyster Wheels are another great Southern Metal Spiners product and we send these all over Australia.
Great for cooking and serving - you can cook directly in the oven OR place ice in the bottom tray and serve nice and cold straight to the table





You really can't go wrong with these great lightweight, strong products from Southern Metal Spinners!

Check out our Youtube channel for tips and recipes.