Mannagum Tent

As with most products, you'll find that you get what you pay for and the best quality tent will always cost a little more.
Out and About Products choose to stock those brands we consider to be of the best quality and value for money

We stock a range of 2 or 3 person Adventure/Biker/Hiker tents suitable for a variety of purposes.

All are quick and easy to put up, tough and lightweight.


Lightweight Tents – When space and weight counts, lightweight tents that pack down to a small size are ideal for anyone travelling light such as the Mannagum Hike Lite 2 Person and Mannagum Hike Lite 3 Person 
Mozzie Domes – Great way of camping in warmer conditions such as the tropics or on the beach where you need the air flow and protection from mozzies/sand flies and other crawlies. Check out the Black Stump 2 Person or Black Stump 3 Person 
Pop Up or Instant Tents – One of the fastest tents to put up, great when arriving at a camp site in the dark and very easy to set up. Makin Tracks 2 Person and Makin Tracks 3 Person Tents are a great choice for quick set up.

Which Tents Are the Best?

Think about what you need your tent for first, then look at your budget rather than to buy on price alone.

If you choose a quality tent that suits your needs you will be still using it long after you have forgotten how much it cost you.


Things to Consider

black stump tent

How many people you need to fit in your tent

- Is it just yourself and partner, or do you have a family to cater for

- Do you want separate sleeping areas for the family or will an annexe be more useful for younger children

• The amount of gear you will store in the tent with you

- Do you need standing room for changing or is it just somewhere to put your swag

- Does it need to be kept safe and dry in your tent or will a fly be suitable?

- How much can you fit in and how long are you camping for?

• What type of conditions you’ll be camping in

- will it be cold, windy or raining or tropical and hot

- How long are you staying ie is it mainly overnight stays or a base camp for longer stays

• How much space the tent will take up when travelling 

- You will need to consider this if you are hiking, on a motorbikeMakin Tracks

- Does it all have to fit in the car or will you have a trailer

• What the ideal weight you are looking for

- Again this will be a consideration if you want to travel light such as hiking or motorcycle camping

- You may need to walk your supplies into the camp site area

 • How easy/hard it will be to put up and take down 

So much time can be wasted on working out which pole goes where, only to start all over again

- Taking it down quickly could be important if you are struck with bad weather when packing up