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Supex Canvas Shower Bucket Portable Camp Shower with Rose

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CANVAS CAMP SHOWER - SUPEX 15L Canvas Bush Shower (Bucket and Rose) This canvas SUPEX bush shower is a fantastic idea for all your camping trips. It holds approximately 15L, the perfect amount for a good freshen up when...
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Flint & Striker Magnesium Cadet Fire Starter

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CADET Magnesium Flint & Striker Survival Fire Lighter Magnesium Fireball Flint & Striker kit. The essential survival tool that works in any weather and altitude. Great for lighting campfires, stoves and BBQ’s Lightweight, compact and essential for your survival...

Mesh Storage Bag 60cmx18cm Long Tent Hoochie Pole

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HOOCHIE POLE BAG Out & About Products Hoochie Pole Bag - Ideal for adjustable tent poles & accessories  60cmx18cm Long Tent Pole Bag This extra large sized mesh bag is made from good quality shade cloth with a strong...
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Mannagum Rechargeable 3W LED Lantern Camp Light

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MANNAGUM LANTERN RRP: $89.95 Rechargeable 3w lantern Super Bright 3 watt LEDFrosted shade diffuses light for softer illumination Easy to use dimmer swivel 0 - 180 lumens Runtime 7 hours (60 lumens) 240v charger included

Gloves 3M Thinsulate Rag Wool Thermal Knitted 40g for Camping Hiking or Fishing

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Thinsulate Insulated Rag Wool Knitted Gloves Stay Warm This Winter A fantastic pair of knitted woollen gloves made from innovative thinsulate insulation technology. Thinsulate insulation traps and holds body heat and won't absorb water. Black in colour and Medium...
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Billy Kettle Tea Pot Stainless Steel 6 Pint

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Teapot Billy Camp Kettle 2.7L (approx 10 metric cups) Stainless Steel Great size kettle ideal for picnics, camping and trekking -  6 Pint (US) 2.7L full- Made of heavy duty, high gloss Stainless Steel - Heat resistant Bakelite lid...

Hootchie Pole Hoochie Tarp and Swag Pole

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Hoochie (Hootchie) Swag Pole Aluminium Tent Tarp Swag or Bivvy Pole Ideal lightweight aluminium pole with height adjustable lock system. This set includes the peg and guy rope and is ideal for your Hoochie Tarp or Swag Specs: Length...

Camping Organiser Storage Unit

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Multi Use Tent Organiser  This multi use storage unit is a great product for camping and folds down to a compact size for easy storage. The unit is 67cm wide x 92 cm high and 42cm deep with 3...

Gotcha Strap 2.5cmx50cm Downs for Luggage or Motorcycle Black x 10 PACKm

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GOTCHA STRAPS 2.5cm wide x 50cm long 10 PACK – BLACK  Gotcha Straps are a great, reusable, hook & loop fastening system  These straps are a versatile, non-stretch, hook and loop fastening system, which can be attached and in...