Fortune Cookie Cards by Sharina Star

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Fortune Cookie Cards 5cm x 10cm cards Fortune Cookies are a fun way to find the answers to your most significant questions and concerns about love, money, travel and career. The Cookies are the perfect divination tool to guide you...

Crystal Wisdom Affirmation Cards Rachelle Charman

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Crystal Wisdom Affirmation Cards   These 40 5cm x 10cm crystal wisdom affirmation cards are an extraordinary tool to help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life. Embracing the potency of these crystal affirmations as a never-ending...

Daily Guidance from Your Angels - Doreen Virtue

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Daily Guidance from your Angels 365 Angelic Messages to Soothe, Heal, and Open your Heart Doreen Virtue Begin each morning by communicating with your Angels, using the 365 channeled meditations in this inspirational book. Each page offers a comforting...

Judgement Detox Journal - Gabrielle Bernstein

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Judgement Detox Journal A Guided Exploration Gabrielle Bernstein Opening this journal means that you are ready to release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life Use this Journal in conjunction with Gabrielle's book Judgement Detox...

Judgement Detox - Release the Beliefs that Hold You Back from Living a Better Life

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Judgement Detox  Release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life Gabrielle Bernstein When you shift your energy from defensive judgements to free-flowing love, your life get awesome. You'll attract exactly what you need, your relationships...

Whispers From The Angels - Channeled Messages from Our Spirit Guides

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Whispers From The Angels Channeled Messages from Our Spirit Guides Heather Colquist This book is a collection of messages that have been given to me through cancelling from my spirit guides. I hope the words will inspire you just...

Loving Yourself to Great Health - Thoughts & Food the Ultimate Diet

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Loving Yourself to Great Health  Thoughts & Food - the Ultimate Diet Louise Hay - Ahlea Khadro & Heather Dane For decades, best selling author Louise Hay has transformed peoples lives by teaching them to let go of limiting...

Medical Medium - Life Changing Foods

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Medical Medium - Life Changing Foods Anthony Williams   Save yourself and the ones you love with the hidden healing powers of fruits & vegetables Anthony William, the Medical Medium, teaches you how to unleash the hidden powers of...

Medical Medium - Liver Rescue

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Medical Medium - Liver Rescue Anthony Williams Answers to eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, strep, acne, gout, bloating, gallstones, adrenal stress, fatigue, fatty liver, weight issues, sibo & autoimmune disease The #1 New York Times best-selling author and beloved healing authority...