Motocrow Waterproof Dry Bags 22litre & 48litre are designed to be strapped together for easy carrying and tie down on the motorbike.

Heaps of tie down points to keep it secure on the bike

Totally waterproof with welded seams and no stitching, no zips to leak

Both bags have roll down tops to keep the water or dust out


The Gotcha Strap range are a versatile, non-stretch, hook and loop fastening system, which can be attached and in use in seconds. Fantastic for using on the Motorbike, for fishing, camping or hiking, or even around the shed and home it eliminates the need for the occy strap or the ratchet st...
We stock a great range of spun steel products made right here in South Australia. The spun steel products are not as heavy as the cast iron camp ovens and will take bit more of a beating when travelling and camping. They also won't crack like a cast iron camp oven if dropped accidentally. They wi...